Customer Satisfaction Survey Challenge

Did you ever complete one of those customer satisfaction surveys retailers put on the bottom of their register tape receipts? WhereCustomer Survey it says they value your opinion and that you should go to a website where you can complete a survey and have a chance of winning a $500 gift card?

Until recently I never did it. And neither has anyone else I have talked to.

So, I had this nutty idea: If it is true that “no one” completes these surveys, then if you were to actually submit a customer satisfaction form, the chances of winning should be fairly high. Right? The odds of your winning $500 for completing a customer satisfaction survey is hundreds of times better than your chances in winning $500 in the lottery – and you don’t even have to pay to buy a ticket.

We’ve been doing a lot of research on how to improve customer feedback tools to improve customer engagement and establish new levels of accountability for store operators. I’m looking to test out some theories. And you can help us.

I would like you to complete 1 – 3 customer satisfaction surveys for me. And then tell me about your experience. We will reward you for helping us.

Here’s how it works: Complete customer survey forms for up to 3 retailers who offer surveys on their register tapes. Send pdf copies of the final confirmation pages of the surveys to by September 30, 2016. I’ll follow up with a short call. For everyone who participates, we will send a report with the results of our analysis.

Plus, as an added bonus, if you complete a satisfaction survey from the company that you work at, you will have a chance to be one of 5 companies to win a free audit of your current customer feedback tools.

So, remember, the next time you go shopping, save the register tape, complete the customer satisfaction survey and send me a pdf of the survey completion confirmation page.

And who knows – you might even win a gift certificate from the retailers that you rated.