Everyday Training

Playing interactive training games results in longer retention of information than traditional  teaching methods. With LevelsPro you can play short learning games everyday to reinforce knowledge of products, processes and policies. Playing learning games just 5 minutes every day results in 20 hours of training per year.


Project Rollouts

Lots of stuff that has to come together to roll out complex projects. Learning new systems. Changing how teams interact. Setting new goals. With LevelsPro you can incentivize your teams to adopt new behaviors and processes by making the rollout more like a game.


Cashier Games

LevelsPro can be used to improve cashier performance in two ways. First, learning games can train and reinforce cashiers in your best practices. And second, competitions and missions encourage all cashiers to achieve and maintain your brand’s performance standards on an ongoing basis.


Skills Certification

Create certification programs to recognize individuals who have achieved required standards of knowledge and performance. With LevelsPro you can define the skills paths, the educational requirements and the performance standards to earn certification. And then periodically monitor and retest individuals to requalify for certification.


Employee Engagement

It’s simple: happy, helpful and knowledgeable associates provide positive customer experiences and increased sales. LevelsPro provides associates and store managers the tools to map out their growth objectives and track their progress against achieving milestones and awards.


Non-monetary Incentive Programs

Every player values awards differently. Not everyone is motivated by cash awards – especially when you have little chance to win. With LevelsPro you can create a combination of intrinsic (good for the soul) and extrinsic (good stuff) awards to motivate different personalities. Think outside the box: what would motivate your employees to go the extra mile?

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